Whosnoggin Masks


Whosnoggin is a mesh mask that coil folds down into a compact package that can be printed with a logo.  The sublimation transfers on the mesh allows the user to see and breath through the mask comfortably.  Whosnoggin has the potential to become the next bobble head doll as a game day give away.   Imagine an an entire crowd wearing the face of the teams star player.  Or a crowd wearing the face of the team mascot. This is possible with whosnoggin. http://whosnoggin.com

The purchaser must have permission from the individual or entity whose image they are using for the WHOSNOGGIN order.The purchaser assumes full liability for any and all legal expense in this regard and holds Days Off Designs harmless. 

The image sent must be a full size original photo saved as a jpeg @ 300dpi 9"x12" send to whosnogginmask@gmail.com after the order is placed. The order number provided must be entered into the subject column. 

Whosnoggin personal orders shall be prepaid with credit card at the time of the purchase.  Promotional distributor account Payments shall be made in full by 30 days from the date the invoice is raised if terms are granted by Days Off Designs unless special settlement terms have been agreed by us in writing. NON ACCOUNT Payment is required before delivery

Personalized noggin orders will ship USPS unless expedited shipping is required.  Promotional noggin bulk orders will ship via truck or UPS.


6        $15.00        
12      $12.50
36      $10.00
72      $ 9.00
144    $ 8.46
500    $ 7.69
1000  $ 6.42
2500  $ 5.71
5k      $ 4.33
10k    $ 4.00 
3R3S2T2U  Set up  $35.71 (T)
For circle shape whosnoggin call for quote

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