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Days off Designs is a textile screen printing company that was founded in 1988 by David Bonner. This company has been serving the advertising specialty industry with innovative products and decorations for over twenty years! We guarantee quality and always deliver.


10 color screen printing

Full Color High Detail


Rhinestone Hat

sublimation colorband headband



Fusion 180 Ink

4 color print t shirt

Multicolor Designs

us open peace love tennis

Direct to Garment

drawnondstreet Colors of Sound

Direct to Garment

Duotone t shirt


Full Color & Halftone

cotton twill


EMBROIDERY baseball hat

EMBROIDERY baseball hat

foil print t shirt

Foil Printing

Multicolor Designs

9 Color Print

Custom Greek Apparel


Have an upcoming event that needs custom apparel? Call us!

We’ve got you covered for your next event whether it is for a race, reunion, concert, or festival! T-shirts, hats, lamps, headbands, etc. are an excellent way to promote your occasion! The good news is we are geared specifically for this purpose and are here to help. Not only do we have seven 12-color automatics capable of printing 25,000 t-shirts per day, but also have quick turn times and 32 years of experience!